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  1. A Custom Tipi SALCEDO CUSTOM TIPI   This looks like a one man operation with Jesse Salcedo as the sole proprietor based in San Francisco. His work has been featured in different famous magazines & newspapers. His website is a little bit hard to navigate, but keep trying and you will find lots of pictures of his work and other things. ►Hi, my name is Jesse Salcedo. I have been a licensed contractor for thirty years and am redirecting my energy to honor Mother Earth. This work pays honor to my American Indian heritage and brings my customers closer to nature (I am of Apache and Mexican heritage). It is important that I do this with grace and honor, it has to do with linking people to tradition. Our Tipi Packages include: Tipi cover, wood lacing pins, door and set-up booklet. Made with a 12 ounce flame retardant, water resistant, polaris canvas or 100% Hemp 12 ounce canvas. My creations are available in sizes ranging from 7 to 24 feet in diameter and start at about $375. If people want, we can install them, but I definitely recommend that customers feel comfortable setting them up on their own so they can take them camping and have a campfire inside. After all, that's what tipis were designed for. No matter how one uses a Tipi — whether for backyard fun, ceremonies, educational devices, or shelter — Salcedo is happy to recreate a piece of history. A piece of his and his extensive family's history for the world to understand and appreciate.◄
  2. Hand Decorated Tipi BACKCOUNTRY TIPI   The author of this article is describing his efforts to paint logos and other information on this Tipi he bought. There is not a lot of information here, but you will learn a few tips if you need to paint pictures on your Tipi.

    » We are now preparing the Tipi for painting. I am not the best artist, so we are projecting all of the icons of the different sports onto the Tipi. This is harder than one might think. First we had to determine where to draw each icon. So we set the tipi up. Then marked where we would paint them. Next we had to stretch out the canvas in the basement. We then used a string to mark the center top of the Tipi. We used the string as a guideline to mark the top and bottom of the icon. Then we used this contraption (ladder, wood, and projector) to project onto the Tipi. The whole process of setting up, measuring, stretching out the tip, and stenciling took about 3 weekends and a lot of patience. The good news, it is all done and ready to be painted. It's been about 4 months since I purchased the Tipi. After many hours of measuring the canvas, trying to set it up, projecting images on to it and getting sore knees from kneeling on the cement floor the painting of icons and the logo is complete. I was nervous to paint the canvas because I had never painted on canvas before. It turned out to be a much simpler task than anticipated. If you are ever trying to determine how to paint to a Tipi, use acryllic paint. Then mix about 6 plastic spoonfuls of paint (heaping) to 4 plastic spoonfuls of water. Also be sure to wet your brush before you begin painting. It is much easier to paint this way. «
  3. Tipi Model SPIRITS INTENT   This is an interesting business as they manufacture many different types of canvas shelters, from Tipis to Yurts and other types of nomadic tents. They do canvas sewing and sell canvas material, plus teach canvas sewing if you want to learn this as a trade. This business is located in the United Kingdom.

    » Spirits Intent is where the heart is, a merger of group conscious processing and nomadic tent making. We have become a small tribe of a strange kind of nomads, that committed to inner travel along the external. We believe in the power of place, but we also believe in the power of movement, Two Winters In A Tipi so I guess you can say we have come to find a balance between the two, and have found they both work a magic on the inner self, the art of moving yourself and the art of arriving and holding the spot which has been arrived at. The arts of dreaming and stalking. Tipi life is magical and unforgettable: Living around the open fire, moving the smoke flaps for the different winds, sleeping on the earth and making sure the drips don't get you. Living in Tipis for a few years through Welsh winters has taught us practically what works and what gets you soaked, and more recently an Illustrator came and has given a new artistic dimension to our lodges. As Tipi-makers we have kept close to original native designs, improving them by reinforcing all ties and weak points and, as Tipis are pegged to the ground, the life expectancy of the "skin" depends much on this. The other factor is, of course, a better quality of fabric (see Canvas). Our poles are made from Spruce or Douglas Fir and, for natural beauty, we like to leave as much of the tip of the tree as possible. Each one of our Tipis comes with its' own canvas storage bag, ropes, lacing pins, door, and pegs, we designed our Tipis the native american way, but added so many points that we think make our Tipis the best in west. If you interested in our Tipis contact us today to discuss your vision. «
  4. Tipi Site 101-REASONS-TO-BUILD-AND-LIVE-IN-A-TIPI   This is just a little article about why living in a Tipi is such a good idea. There are lots of people who have at one time in their lives lived in a Tipi and lived to tell about it, such is the case with the author of this article.

    ►Patrick Whitefield, permaculture author and teacher, lived in a tipi for years. Here he gives his reasons for handbuilding and inhabiting your very own Tipi. When I bought my first Tipi, I already had an all weather tent, a good set of bender tarps and a choice of two caravans to live in. What did I need a Tipi for? None of that mattered. I fell in love with the sheer beauty of it. The beauty goes far deeper than appearances. The circle is an organic, healing shape, powerful medicine for anyone who has been shut up in rectangles for half a lifetime. Contact with the earth is not a metaphor in a Tipi. When I sit down I can feel the skin of our mother under my bum. I look up and see the circle of poles reaching up into the air to meet the patch of sky through the smoke hole. In the centre of the circle the flames of an open fire dance their dance of life. From where I'm pitched I can hear the gurgle of a nearby stream falling asleep to the sound on a quiet evening.◄
  5. Buffalo Hide Tipi WES HOUSLER TIPIS   This listing is somewhat different in that the outer covering of their Tipis are made of the original material used by the native American Indians which is buffalo skin or hide. This is the only listing i have which offers this product. This business based in Ashland, Oregon offers many animal hide products such as Deer, Elk, Moose, Caribou, Antelope & Buffalo hides, plus Tools, Books, Videos, Kits, Crafting Supplies & Raw hides. Picture on the right is one of their buffalo hide Tipis. » I make Tipis of buffalo hides and will consider elk skin tipis for those interested in producing an authentic cover for tribes like the Utes. A brain tanned Buffalo Hide Tipi by Wes! Pictured is a 14-foot lodge made from 10 buffalo bull hides and 3 strips of buffalo sinew. The cost for this size is $8500, please call for quotes on other sizes, prices vary with a similar size lodge of elk costing more than one of buffalo due to increased sewing. «
  6. Tepee used as extra room A NEW TRIBE OF TEPEE DWELLERS   Here's a good example of someone who made good use of a tepee as extra living quarters for her guests and other people. This article brought to you by the New York Times Newspaper.

    » SERENA COOK is the ultimate social connector for the deep-pocketed summer set on this Spanish resort island. A former organic foods chef from London, she runs a concierge service that helps clients, who have included Calvin Klein, Hugh Grant and members of U2, get hold of V.I.P. party invites, prime-time restaurant reservations and desirable villas, which can rent for up to $16,000 a week in July and August. But she's pretty relaxed about her own surroundings. Her one-bedroom farmhouse in the hills outside the town of Evissa had no guest quarters, so she leased a nearby cottage for her visitors. When the rent went up, she did what any resourceful, neo-bohemian Ibizan would: She bought a 16-by-18-foot canvas tepee, had it painted with tribal patterns in earth red and big-sky blue, and set it up just beyond her pool in the shade of a palm tree. All for just $2,165 . . . «
  7. Eustace Conway putting up Tipi Poles EUSTACE CONWAY   Many of you viewing this website are probably aware of a man named "Eustace Conway", located in Western North Carolina. Eustace at a younger age used to live in the Appalachian wilderness, hunted and scrounged for food while living for 17 years in his Tipi. No regular employment as far as i know. I am including him here because Eustace was a long term Tipi dweller, he owned a big Tipi made by Darry Wood of Hayesville, NC (a famous Tipi maker). I do not think he lives in a Tipi now, but he did in the good ol' days. Anyway, at some point in his life he with the help of his dying father, purchased a large tract of land in the Appalachian wilderness and named it "Turtle Island Preserve". Here he set-up his Tipi and lived on the property and did primitive building projects. Anyway, the picture on the right is linked to a YouTube video of Eustace and another man putting up the poles of a smaller Tipi at the Turtle Island Preserve. Eustace has been featured on the "History Channel". Eustace was also somewhat made famous by the book "The Last American Man" by Elizabeth Gilbert. Turtle Island Preserve is now a workshop and camp for hundreds of kids & adults who would like to learn old world crafts and old ways of doing things. His land is located east of the town of Boone, North Carolina near Deep Gap, which is shown on google maps.
  8. Owner Made Tipi EHOW   Regardless of how you feel about the eHow website, there are a lot of articles related to the indian Tipi. So, the point is that a person can glean possibly a lot of information about Tipi's from subjects like: Instructions for Building a Teepee, DIY Teepee, How to Make a Teepee from a Sheet, Teepee Projects, Teepee Ideas, Homemade Teepee, What Materials Were Used to Make Teepees?, How to Make Your Own Livable Teepee, About TeePees, How to Decorate a Teepee, How to Make a Teepee for School, How to Make an Outdoor Teepee, Teepees for Kids, & more topics . . .

    ►What do you want to do today? No matter what's on your list, eHow can help. With more than 30 categories that cover just about everything, eHow is your one-stop online resource for life's challenges. Professionals in every field come together to offer expert advice, backed by the additional support of a can-do eHow community. Together, they've created a library of accomplishments online–and it's available to you anytime, anywhere. On any given day, you'll find all this on eHow. And it's free: More than two million articles and videos. A supportive online community. A place to share experiences and get feedback Cook, decorate, fix, plan, garden, budget or update your wardrobe . . . That's just the beginning of the kind of advice and inspiration you can find at eHow. So join the millions of people who visit us every month. You'll be delighted to find the support you need to navigate through your day. Even better, you'll love the sense of accomplishment you'll feel when the day's done. So, we'll ask again: What do you want to do today?
  9. Green Choices Tipi GREEN CHOICES   This website i have linked to here is all about eco living subjects of which living in a Tipi is just offered as an alternative living method, which is fine of coarse. So i am just including it here to be nice, the website has a lot of Green Living information for those of you who might be interested.

    ►Green Choices was set up in 2000 by a group of individuals committed to providing consumer information on the green choices available. In October 2009, the website was transferred to two new directors, Ross and Issi Lammas, who, together with a small team of researchers and technical experts, are working to further develop the site. Both Ross and Issi are passionate environmentalists who believe that everyone can play a part in reducing the pressure on our natural resources. For a different camping experience a holiday in a Yurt or staying in a Tipi may be just what you are looking for. Now often promoted as eco-chic or "Glamping" as well as eco-friendly, holidays in Yurts and Tipi's have become a popular alternative to a traditional camping holiday. Enjoy cooking sausages over a campfire, chopping wood for the stove, escaping from the pressures of urban living. Yurt and Tipi holidays can provide magical experiences for kids and adults alike. For romantic breaks as well as family holidays, bird-watching, walking, cycling or painting holidays, staying in a Yurt or a Tipi is a very green option. A Tipi, or Teepee/Wigwam, is a Native American tent; usually of conical shape, originally made from animal skins, but now more likely to be made of canvas! They are smaller than Yurts, but no less well-equipped with a cooker, barbecue, comfy mattresses, and lanterns. Re-capture all the fun of cowboys and Indians and unleash your inner self. There are plenty of camping places to choose from including the Lake District, by lake Windermere, in Cornwall or in mid-Wales.◄
  10. Hummingbird Tipis HUMMINGBIRD TIPIS   These guys have a lot of good pictures of their product and even pictures of set-up procedures. Lots of good information on this website which is based in England. I think the URL is messed up on their website server because the page will jump to some other website and you can see a double which is not correct.

    ►Namaste & Welcome to Hummingbird Tipis. We are a friendly, family-business of quality Tipi makers who are based in the beautiful county of Herefordshire. As you might expect, we do lots of things with Tipis. I know, Genius . . . And for the benefit of the search engines, I'll just list them out here: Tipi (Teepee) hire, Tipi for sale, Festival Tipi hire, Tipi holidays, Tipi repairs, Bespoke canvas tailoring, Tipi information, Tipi installation, Tipi accessories, bespoke Tipis and yet more stuff centered around the Tipi.

    Oh, and we'll also give sound advice when requested. We have been sewing Tipis for nearly ten years now and it is really wonderful that the Tipi is attracting so much attention, and folks are finding the joys to be had with these structures. You'll find our Tipis in many different places all over the UK and being used by a wide range of people, organizations and groups, we're very proud of this, it is so nice to have such a wonderfully positive item to offer you, I mean we could be making cluster bombs for lockheed Martin, but thankfully instead we get to see happy faces, excited humans, joyful, pleased, delighted and playful. It is an exception in this world, and we love it, I think this comes over in our Tipis, once you've seen one you'll always recognize one. We like to think we've built our reputation on what we do, not what we say, and what we do is simple, like the best things; we ensure quality of materials, quality of craftsmanship, and plenty of attention to detail. We take time to explain or help and we hope you'll find the best Tipi you can for yourself, with us or other suppliers, the choice is always yours, after all it is not a disposable item and it is not even a cheap consumer quick-fix purchase, you want a Tipi that will last in excess of ten years, that is high quality, looks fabulous, keeps you dry and doesn't fall apart with rot in a couple of years. Last year we were pleased to have as new customers some great social and environmental projects, we had some forward thinking schools using them as outdoor classrooms and part of ECO education programs for children, a couple of new sustainable ECO retreats and campsites setting up new ventures. We supplied for corporate activities, holiday's and lots of festival Tipi use; it was a pleasure to see so many people enjoying these wonderful structures in one great location or another. We are grateful to all, for the enthusiasm, fun and support, we look forward to helping new customers & friends over 2012. If you can't find what you are looking for please call or email us and we'll help where we can.◄   With Thanks, Hummingbird Tipis
  11. Sample Tipi MUKWA TEEPEES   Here's a Canadian business making tents designed by the the Ojibwe native Indian people who moved to the prairie provinces of Canada. Some of you will know of them as the "Chippewa" Indians. But, anyway this business specifically models it's Tipis after this group of native Indians.

    ►Makers of Authentic Anishinabe Teepees. Fire retardant, pre-shrunk, water repellent, 100% cotton duck marine canvas, UV, mildew and rot resistant, meets Federal fire code #CPAI-84.
    Floor sizes are 6ft to 40ft. The highest quality Teepees available - affordably priced. Retaining our Cultural Traditions that were handed down to us. Our Teepees comply with the Native Intellectual and Cultural Property Rights Acts now being developed. We invite you to compare our quality, price and value to any manufacturer in the World. Our Teepees are warm, dry and weatherproof. We use interlocked seams and sewing is done with a locked stitch. Aprons, smoke flaps, lifting straps, doorways and hems are all internally reinforced (up to 1600lbs breaking strength) to withstand the most demanding stresses that a public use Teepee would be subjected to. Stylish internal gussets reinforce key stress points. Doorways are traditionally designed for multi-style use and are wheelchair accessible. We use traditional full length lodge pole pine poles. Hem loops are made with 3600lb polyester web for durability in strong winds depending on the area that we are shipping to. Our services include: Complete Teepee packages, Covers, Poles, Liners and accessories, Teepee Trailers, Teepee Rentals, Sweat Lodge Covers, Traditional Campground Design Services, Campground and Village Consulting, Teepee Cultural Events, Teepee Village Camping, Movie Industry Rentals, Teepee packages from $649 and up. We do Teepee Seminars and Workshops.◄
  12. Good Ol' Tipi Living THAT GOOD OL' TIPI LIVING   Here is an older Mother Earth News article about living in a Tipi in Montana for you. I think this article is dated around May 1979. So it's got some years on it, but you should be able to glean some good information from it. ►A few summers ago I had the opportunity to be involved in a mountain goat research project. Needless to say, I was excited by the prospect of spending half a year in the wilds of Montana . . . But I did foresee one serious problem. My assistant and I planned to live—from summer through early winter—on top of an 8,660-foot peak . . . But we weren't sure just what in blue blazes we were going to live in! I studied the alternatives and rejected everything from "space age" tents (too cramped) to geodesic domes (not practical) to log cabins (too permanent . . . Suppose the goats moved?). No, we had to have something roomy, portable, inexpensive, easy to build, and able to adjust to a wide range of temperatures. In short, what we needed was a Tipi!◄
  13. One Moon Tipi UNDER ONE MOON   You're going to like this website if you are able to view "Flash", because the entire website is done in "Flash". There is some very good information here along with colorful illustrations done in "Flash". This is a Tipi business located in Australia, but i think they will ship their Tipis all over the world.

    ►The Native American Tipi, an architectural wonder, a practical shelter, an aesthetic beauty steeped in history. The conical tent has been used throughout the world. It was the buffalo hunters of the great plains who gave shape and name to the more commonly known Tipi.
    Cool Amazon Search
    They changed the tilt of the cone towards the wind, lengthened and moved the smoke hole, and added smoke flaps creating a brilliant ventilation system. This system has never been improved by the many who have tried, and still to this day the details remain the same. Under One Moon makes a traditional Tipi, carefully hand finished and woven with the clearest intent to acknowledge this magnificent shelter and the original founders . . . It is an honor to manufacture these dwellings and to watch others grow, enjoy and live their full potential. The feeling inside a Tipi stirs your imagination, nurturing the spirit and creating a healthy relationship with nature . . . And in turn yourself.◄
  14. XTP Xtreme Teepee XTP XTREME TEEPEE   I like this Tipi a lot. It is made by Cabela's and has a high star rating. It is a fast setup - single-pole, single-wall, octagon design. Fully functioning top vent/skylight. Lightweight, rugged polyester and nylon oxford. Fully seam-taped. People who have purchased this tent seem to like it a lot. I hope Cabela's will make the suggested improvements in this tent, because it could be useful for a lot of people.

    ►We built our soon-to-be legendary X-Teepee based on comfort, compactness and the classic design that was made famous by Native Americans. The lightweight, yet rugged polyester 250-denier oxford, Polyurethane- and UV-treated fabric will keep rain and water outside where it belongs as well as hold up against the sun's damaging rays. A strong 210-denier Polyurethane-treated nylon oxford barrier keeps the floor and lower walls protected against any moisture on the ground. Strategically placed No-See-Um mesh in the bottom vents lets air flow through on hot days. All seams are fully seam-taped for reinforced strength and protection from the elements. Best of all, the X-Teepee sports a single-pole design with a D-ring on top so you've only got one pole to deal with, or hang it for even lighter and faster options. The E-Z adjust guide line inside pulls open the vent in the top for ventilation or watching the night sky. The center pole is made of galvanized steel to meet the demands of your outdoor adventure. The main entrance sports a durable YKK® zipper. Three inside patented mesh pockets with cup holders to hold personal items. Steel ground stakes and durable guide ropes. Includes zippered storage bag. Imported. Center pole dimensions: 1-1/4in diameter, 121in H. Tent dimensions: 173in L x 187in W x 122in H (14ft L x 15ft W x 10ft H). Color: Warm Gray/Burgundy.◄
  15. Red Chakra Tipi TIPI VERHUUR   This Tipi business located in the Netherlands (Holland) looks like they "rent" Tipis out to people for event use, such as an "Earth Gathering". The site is in the Dutch Language and i have Google translate installed in my browser bar so i can read somewhat what it is about. Picture on the right is of Ben's Red Chakra Tipi "The chakras are special Tepees by the artist Ben Acket in different colors are painted. He has 2 years on this project. Since summer 2005 the complete series. They are set up in a spiral beginning with a diameter of 13 meters".

    ►Here you find all information about Teepees and tents in all sizes and types, the benefits of a Tepee over other tents for your parties and gatherings.

    A Tipi (or Teepee or Tee pee) is an Indian tent originally made of buffalo hides and today is made of waterproof and mold-resistant cotton. The cotton canvas is sometimes thick and sometimes thinner. Canvas is cotton that is woven in a special way and weighs at least 400 grams per m 2. In large Teepees with a diameter of over 7 meters is usually a light cotton cloth used because otherwise it would become too burdensome. A Tepee is always a tent with a height of 1.5 to 1.7 meters, because the fly is always something from the ground and would otherwise have an air flow over the ground would get to the fire. In fact, one should always keep a Teepee fire. The smoke flaps can be based on controlling the wind direction that will not smoke in the Teepee. Behind the central fire pit in the center of the Tipi is traditionally the place for the altar. Originally Teepees made of buffalo hides. Only when the emigrants to the New World, all buffaloes were exterminated and people could not live in Tipis were made of skins. The US government has made available the 1840 canvas, but it was not possible to hibernate the Tipi and more become a summer residence. In a mild climate with plenty of firewood and it is possible to hibernate in a Teepee. There is no storm more solid than a tent, Tepee. Even with wind 9-10, Tipis remain standing proudly, where other tents take to the air. Overall a Tepee is a very special place where life is good and that wherever it is created special.◄
  16. Traveller Tipi RAINBOW TIPIS   This business located in the country of Australia serves up some nice looking Tipis, and appear to be well made even though i have never seen one. They have at least 3 categories of Tipis: Permanent Tipis, Traveller Tipis, & Kids Tipis, plus Tipi Accessories.

    ►Rainbow Tipis have been making Tipis now for 14 years, the last 5 years out of a factory in Byron Bay. The formative years out of an old timber mill, deep in the forest in Rosebank, in the Byron Hinterlands. In those days the business was known as Reeveer Tipis. 360container logo It was here at Reeveer park in Rosebank, where Ray Brown (that's me) an avid Tipi dweller, became attuned to the ways in which a Tipi relates to the environment. The Tipi promotes an intimate relationship between the dweller and the environment. You learn to make slight adjustments to increase or decrease air flow, to alter the smoke flap direction, to allow for wind change. You become inherently aware of the slight changes in the weather and the Tipi becomes your friend. Making the most of the weather's good qualities and protecting you from it's worst, rather like living on a boat. Rainbow Tipis has been my vehicle to create beautiful Tipis that I'm very proud of for numerous people from all sorts of cultural backgrounds to live, travel and have memorable experiences in. Many children have been the product of a night in a Tipi with a loved one. It's with great pride, love and passion in my heart that makes my business an endless source of life experiences. I've been fortunate to have had many appreciative people I've made Tipis for that have added new ideas and praised my energy for my quality product which has given me much food for the soul. Thanks and praise to my elders, wife, children, extended family, friends and customers, And to the powers that be.◄ —Ray Brown, Tipimaker
  17. Tipi being painted LABIS CREATIONS   Tipi, Yurt, Canopy, Unique Tents. Alternative Custom made Canvas Dwellings (Shelters) for the Modern Nomad. A unique Home away from Home. Featuring Labis Creations, canvas dwellings, a woman-owned small business in British Columbia, Canada. The owner of this business lives in Nelson, British Columbia, about 3 hours north of Spokane Washington.

    ►I have been building TIPIS since 1989 and YURTS since 1995 and have steadily improved designs and broadened my spectrum of quality out-door wilderness type of structures. Structures for the modern nomad who wants to experience and live close to the Earth at least part of the year, in a comfortable and exquisite manner. I use a variety of fabrics (no vinyl, other than for windows) and take the toxicity into consideration that many people are allergic to. I make my structures as low cost as possible (using the best canvas on the market, I want them to last for you!), because I believe in Sustainable Community and the accessibility of my products. Offering: Alternative, comfortable, low impact shelters. Tipis and Yurts are practical and magical spaces for the nomads of our time, giving us a sense of being part of the Earth. They make wilderness accessible to us without having to leave a trace behind. Made with high quality fabrics they last a long time and are fully collapsible. These dwellings are commonly used as: Homes, Temples, Studios, Workshops, Spare Rooms, Children's Spaces, Home away from Home and more. . . as well as Camp-Kitchens, Canvas Outhouses (easy to set up), Canvas Canopies, SUN SHADES of many styles, NATURAL LOOKING AWNINGS, BELL TENTS and different variety of Canvas Hammocks with or without Canopies. Everything is custom made, to your fancy. . . and I will assist you with my expertise of sewing dwellings / shelters for more than 19 years.◄
  18. 24ft Large Teepee WIGWAM SAM   To my surprise and amazement it seems a lot of people in the European Nations like to use the American Indian Tipis for all kinds of activity. This business here either sells or rents Tepees to the general public in the United Kingdom.

    ►Welcome to the website of Wigwam Sam. We make, sell & hire Tipis from children's Tipis to large lodges. If you wish to buy or hire one or a group of Tipis we strive to provide a high quality service, drawing from 15 years of experience making and using Tipis. Whether making or providing hire Tipis we exercise the same philosophy of creativity with attention to detail combined with high quality materials and craftsmanship. The Tipis that we provide are sewn in our workshop in North Devon. We cut our own Tipi poles from sustainably managed woodlands in our local area. We have made & hired Tipis for Warner productions Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire, Hollyoaks, The Eden Project, M&C Saatchi for Orange, The Brit Awards and numerous outdoor forest schools projects. Our Tipis have featured in I.D, You magazine, Selvedge, The Guardian Weekend, Red & the book, Small Family Gardens by Caroline Tilston.◄
  19. Indian Face on the Tipi ZAC'S TIPIS   Buy or Rent. Picture on the right is of their famous "Indian Face on the Tipi" model. Their motto is "We Live in What we Make". . .

    ►We supply traditional Tipis made from the highest quality materials and workmanship. We have been living in, as well as making, hiring and selling Tipis for 26 years. Having brought up two children and spent many Summers and Winters in them we like to think we know (almost) everything about them. Our Tipis are all individually made to our clients specifications at our workshop in Tipi Valley, Wales. We only use 12-14oz cotton duck down canvas for our Tipis, guaranteed rot and water proof. Green pine poles from sustainable forests are individually cut to measure, hand stripped and sanded to a smooth finish. All joins are double stitched and, like the poles and canvas, are fully guaranteed. We follow the Tipi design of the original native American Indians who lived on the plains, some of whose descendants are customers of ours today. If you wish we can paint your Tipi with a unique design. Why not give us your birth sign and, for a little extra, we will paint your animal sign on the door of your Tipi? Zac's Tipis is a family business run by Chic and Ann. Chic has been building and living in Tipis for the last 30 years. An article in a Sunday supplement tells their story.◄
  20. White Canvas Tipi THUNDER MOUNTAIN TENT AND CANVAS   This business does not specialize in Tipis but they do offer at least one model.

    ►Our quality constructed Tipi is made of a top grade 12.98 Army Duck medium weight canvas suitable for all weather conditions and durability. Seams are overlapped and have double row lock-stitch seams. The smoke flap pole pockets are double reinforced. Lacing pins for the front and 145ft manila rope are included with the Tipi. Life expectancy should be 3-10 years dependent on use. The canvas can be painted with you own design if you wish. Poles, liner, door, stakes, and Tipi canvas are all priced separately. Our business is family owned and was established in 1984. Our reputation has been built on crafting innovative canvas and synthetic fabric products from superior materials to the satisfaction of our customers. We engineer and manufacture awnings, boat covers, golf cart enclosures, hunting and fishing gear, such as wall tents, rod cases, and gun cases, only to mention a few. Equipment covers are a large part of our business and so are bags, filter clothes, specialty equipment bags and rigging for fire and police departments. We do work for private organizations, as well as Federal, State and City. We take pride in our work, and aim to please our customers. Please stop by or give us a call, we will be glad to help you with your project. The highest quality materials and workmanship go into all Thunder Mountain Tipis. We use only the strongest canvas, and we reinforce all corners, ridge tops, eves, and doors. Doors overlap and tie, forming a weatherproof seal. All tents come with rope and tent blocks. Materials: 12.98 Army Duck, 10 or 13oz. Sunforger®, or 10oz. fire-retardant canvas. Army Duck is of the highest grade and the best quality canvas.◄
  21. Painted Tipi WORLD TENTS   Based in the United Kingdom, this canvas product business does a nice series of shelter systems, including Yurts, Tipis, Canvas Cabins, Canvas Covered Geodesic Domes, Historical Tents, & Marquees. Looks like a lot of hard work, but they do it.

    ►Nothing compares to the grace and beauty of a Tipi. It's conical shape allows it to withstand very high winds. Its simplicity belies its ability to create the perfect environment at any time of year; well ventilated and cool in summer and warmed by the fire in winter. After spending time in a Tipi you will be hard pressed to find another form of shelter to compare with it.
    We strongly recommend the use of a lining as this makes the Tipi a comfortable place to be. It prevents drafts and stops rain dripping from the poles. It creates an insulating barrier and helps to draw smoke from the fire upward and out of the smoke flaps. The ozan is really for serious Tipi dwellers only. It acts as a ceiling/partial ceiling extending from the rear of the Tipi. In severe weather it can be used to stop any raindrops reaching the living area and as long as a gap is left for the smoke to escape it can also help to further insulate the living space. The 5m, 5.5m, 6m, and 7m are by far the most popular sizes. Please note that the above sleeping and seating figures are based on comfort rather than maximum amounts. We also make a very popular 2m children's Tipi. If you can make your own Tipi poles then you will appreciate your Tipi all the more for the work involved. We recommend spruce as an ideal pole but any straight softwood will do. Use a draw-knife to shave off the bark and smooth the pole. If you can't make your own we'll be happy to provide them for you. Upon request we can also provide you with divided Tipi poles. These are essentially cut in half at an angle and then reconnected with the aid of wooden pins. These are virtually invisible and whilst they will never be as strong as standard Tipi poles they do make transportation an awful lot easier. Our 300g(10.5oz) and 360g(13oz) canvas is made of 100% natural cotton. The 420g(15oz) canvas is a 50% cotton 50% polyester mixed weave. All of our canvas is water and rot resistant and flame retardant canvas is available at an additional cost. Our covers are very durable and we are happy to advise as to which is best for your needs. Our canvas comes as standard in a natural off white color. We can also make your Tipi in the color(s) of your choice but please note colored canvas is only available in 300g (10.5oz).◄
  22. Old Tipi Camp Painting TIPI THE TIPIGAL IS SUSIE LEHTO   I don't know what "Squidoo" is but this lady has put up a lot of information about Tipi living plus a lot of Tipi related items for sale.

    ►I lived in a Sioux Native American Indian style Tipi for the better part of a year. A week or a weekend isn't long enough. Temperatures of 20 degrees in North Dakota in the United States of America gets too cold with a pit fire, box stove and a gas campfire. It isn't all that bad in a 20 below sleeping bag. We slept head to head so we could enjoy the fire and its best to keep warm. The true Tipi is always a tilted cone that is steeper at the back. On the front side with the gentler slope the smoke hole is extended down with two smoke flaps or wings that flank the smoke hole and they are supported by outside Tipi poles that are movable to regulate the draft that carries off the smoke. There is no comparison with the construction of a true Plains Indian Tipi and the primitive symmetrical cone Tipi or tent that is smoky. I share about visions I have experienced in a Tipi fire and coals. Its not a myth! A Squidoo Lensography!◄
  23. Lighted Tipi WHITE BUFFALO LODGES   Very nice website, they lots of custom canvas work. OUR TIPIS: Sioux, Cheyenne, Crow & Blackfeet. CANVAS WORK: Cowboy Bedroll, Canvas Covers. ACCESSORIES: Stakes, Manila Center Rope, Hand-Made Lacing Pins, Bags, Door Cover, DVD Tipi Setup Video, Tipi Poles, & Hand-Painted Willow Backrests.

    ►Welcome! Authentic Native American Tipis in traditional Indian designs: WHITE BUFFALO LODGES is located in Livingston, Montana. Since 1989 we have been creating beautiful, functional, handcrafted Tipis, adhering to the original craftsmanship of the Plains Indians. Our easy to assemble Tipis are durable, waterproof, fireproof, mildew proof, and environmentally friendly. We create a variety of nomadic shelters, using the highest quality materials. Plus, every Tipi comes with all you need; cover, liner, poles, carrying bag, rope, door cover, willow lacing pins, and stakes. We are a full service Tipi company and use the best materials available. We even assemble your product by hand in Livingston, Montana to assure stability and craftsmanship, before we ship to you. We are proud to offer our beautiful Tipis to you and are sure you will be proud to own one. We also are available to deliver, set up, and take down our products. We can even offer custom painting on your Tipi with traditional Native American designs. To learn more and see each of our complete line of Tipis, please call Dan at (866) 358-8547 or (406) 545-8600. We here at White Buffalo Lodge are proud of our beautiful, functional, Tipis and the heritage for which it represents. We invite you to take a look! We can ship anywhere in the world (and have!). Please call Dan at (406) 238-9796 for pricing.◄
  24. 14ft Small Teepee OLD ENTRANCE TEEPEES   This business has Tipis for sale as a sideline i guess. Their main business seems to be a campground located in Alberta Canada. There is some good information included on the site about setting up a Tepee.

    ►Complete Made to Order Teepees - generally ready within three weeks. Shipped to buyer collect via Greyhound Courier Express or pre-paid via UPS Standard or Expedited. We provide competitively priced, Amazon Gold Box Deals high quality Teepees of superior workmanship using the authentic Plains Indian pattern. Our Teepees are made-to-order in sizes ranging from Size 10ft increasing in increments of 2ft up to Size 24ft maximum. Three most popular sizes are: Size 14ft Teepee is a small size shelter suitable for sleeping two to four adults with no inside open fire. This size of Teepee was about the maximum size traditionally used by nomadic Plains Indians, before light weight canvas and horses became available for helping to move camp. Size 16ft Teepee has ample space for storage of camp gear and to sleep two adults comfortably with a small inside open fire or four adults with no center fire. Size 18ft Teepee provides a large camp shelter with space to sleep six adults or eight children without an open inside center fire or four adults with an inside fire. We classify a Size 12ft Backyard Teepee as Extra Small, suitable for sleeping two single adults or children. Size 20ft, Size 22ft and Size 24ft Teepee are Extra Large, suitable for large gatherings. The Size 10ft Child's Play Teepee is made using the authentic Teepee pattern except with a clear bottom door opening at the bottom for easy access instead of a cut oval opening. The play Teepee can be used as a back yard playhouse or can be set up inside with 10 foot high room ceiling height. Please e-mail for a firm price quotation for customized order. Each Teepee order will be individually quoted, determined by the size of Teepee and options specified. Prices are Canadian dollars, plus 5% GST. Delivery time for custom made Teepees is generally three to four weeks from date of order. Shipping costs are extra, we ship collect via Greyhound within western Canada or pre-paid via UPS to eastern Canada or to the US. A non-refundable deposit of $100 CAD, payable by either Visa or MasterCard, is required when a Teepee order is placed. Product satisfaction guaranteed. Materials - Canvas: We recommend Teepees from Size 10ft to Size 20ft be made with 10.38 oz. Sunforger 100% double-fill cotton FR Army Duck, a light weight, water repellent, mildew resistant and flame-retardant canvas. For larger Teepee covers, Size 22ft and Size 24ft we suggest using heavier weight 13 oz. canvas which has a 30% higher tear strength than 10.38 oz. canvas. We also recommend using the 13 oz. canvas for winter camping and year round use. Other canvas options are available by special order.◄
  25. Children's Tipi MANATAKA TIPIS   This England based Tipi business has a good selection of lovely small Tipis. Actually, they have a very colorful line of Tipis both full size and small size. Nice website. Lots of pictures of their products. Keep in mind that they also "Hire Out" or as we say in the US: Rent Out Tipis.

    ►Manataka Tipis (based in East Devon) have been making Tipis for seven years, using the same design as the Native American tribes used. Although canvas has replaced the Buffalo hide, the feeling of energy and amount of space remain the same. These authentic reproductions create livable and instructional Tipis looking equally at home in backyards or world renowned museums. The Tipi's aerodynamics are such that when correctly pitched it can withstand the fiercest storms. The smoke flaps are easily adjusted with the changing wind directions safely allowing a fire inside — even in heavy wind and rain creating a vortex which draws the smoke up and out. Our Tipis are patterned after original Native American designs, they vary from 9ft children's to 30ft ceremonial sizes. We also supply beautiful handmade Tipi Poles. View Tipi prices page for more info. The word Tipi (Teepee) is from Lakota (Sioux language) "Ti" meaning inhabit or dwell and "Pi" a place. The Sioux Tipi is very popular because of the extensive historical information available about the tribe. The Sioux Sitting Bull is probably the best known of all American chiefs.◄
    A versatile structure, Our Tipis or Lodges have a large variety of uses:

    • Festivals.
    • Extra accommodation for friends or family.
    • Full time home.
    • Back packer accommodation.
    • Camping holidays Weddings / parties.
    • Educational /workshop / studio.
    • Retreat / meditation / healing spaces, etc.
    • Yoga Space.

  26. 1 Tepee DAVID ELLIS CANVAS PRODUCTS   This business is based in Durango, Colorado. Website includes some good pictures and Tepee set-up instructions.

    ►There isn't much to improve on the basic design of the Tepee. Reinforcement with the proper material is most important. I use the same type of canvas as on the body of the Teepee to reinforce the stress points around the door, bottom and top of smoke flaps, and a triple layer on the lacing flap, around the gore, and pole pockets. Canvas ties are placed inside and out, below the smoke flaps, which specifically relieves stress from the last lacing pin on the flap. Lacing pin reinforcement is three layers thick and leather grommets are sewn hear. I sew 2in polypropylene webbing around the bottom of the Teepee and attach 3in nylon loops for perfect ventilation. My Tepees are cut the Sioux style, which leans to the back and has longer smoke flaps. The door opening, if you choose to have one at all, is more egg-shaped than oval. Historically, the oval door evolved later on, it must have been the Cavalry's idea! With that in mind, I took the liberty of making mine egg-shaped. The door flap comes with all Tepee canvas and is designed to attach on the inside so water does not get into the door. Wooden dowels make the door flap ridged. Painted Tepees are really cool, we can do it in our shop or you can do it after you set it up. You come up with a design and I can outline it and you just paint it up. When you buy a Tepee package you get the floor and the liner sewn to each other. This is a really great advantage because once the floor is staked down the bottom of the liner is automatically secured down as well. No critters will get into your living area and the outside breezes can not enter either. The poles are included and your choice is between flame and non flame retardant. The Tepee Package includes: Flame or non flame 12oz. Tepee cover, poles, woven floor, flame or non flame liner, ropes, stakes storage bag, and set up instructions.◄

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